Experience with web-development/web-design

Key competence

I have experience with web-development and webdesign on both desktop and mobile. I have a strong knowledge about SEO-optimization, making sure the website is mobile-friendly and creating a good user experience. I have learned a lot from my past jobs in web-development/web-design and I have found a good way to work on projects. I have gained a lot of confidence by being given tasks that I alone had responsibilites for. I also have learned about developing ideas for the websites I have been working on.

Other experiences

I take a lot of interest in becoming a better web developer. I take courses, read articles, watch youtube videos and develop my own websites. I have learned a lot outside of school by setting goals and structuring so I can learn more about the different web development languages.




8.2019 - Current

Student - Year-program in Webdesign - Higher education, NTNU Gjøvik

I currently am in a year-program in Webdesign at NTNU Gjøvik. We learn designthinking, using graphical tools as Adobe Photoshop and AdobeXD to create prototypes and HTML, css and Javascript.
1.2019 - 5.2019

Student - Subject in Webprogramming with Python - Higher education, NTNU (webbased)

I took a subject from spring 2019 till summer. I learned to use the terminal for creating files, folders and download programs and extentions. I also learned to use Python and the Flask framework to make dynamic webpages. Loginforms, registrationforms, svg graphics and maps.

Work experience

01.2019 - 3.2019

Website development Internship - GRIN AS

I was apart of launching, improving and updating the website of the company. We used Squarespace as platform. Did some CSS and HTML on this. I also came up with some ideas for the website.
10.2018 - 1.2019

Website development Internship - Resirqel AS

I had responsibility for improving the website of the company. We used Squarespace as platform. I came up with ideas and implemented them
2.2018 - 12.2018

Web development Voluntare - Batteriet

I was apart of launching, improving and updating the website of an organization called Rabea movement. Together with the leader of the organization and an employee at Batteriet we decided how the website should look. I did the implementation. We used Wordpress as platform and I worked solely with Html and Css
3.2018 - 6.2018

website developer Internship - Vibro

I working in a team and together we had responsibility for designing a new website for the company. We had to come up with ideas and implement them and also do the task we we're given. I used Html, Css and PHP.
2.2016 - 7.2016

Webdesigner Internship - FriskBris Consulting

I worked on the website for one of the companies project. I did the implementation of ideas, which came from me and one person above me. I used wordpress and html/css