My projects

Blog project

Image of my blog project

This is my blog. I have blogged for 5 years. First I started creating short-stories and poems. Now I have found a new passion, which is creating music. The website is created with Wordpress. I have used html and css to change the pages. I have over 2000 subscribers on mail and other wordpress bloggers following me.

Rabea project

Image of my project with Rabea movement

I wanted to start creating more webpages but still I had not a lot of experience. Therefore I thought why not voluntare to create webpages for free. So I contacted Batteriet and got an interview. Batteriet is an organization helping other organizations with organization leading, economy and other aspects of having an organization. They said they had an organization who needed help. Then I came in contact with Rabea women. We changed the name to Rabea movement and I worked on there website. We used wordpress and I used CSS for styling the pages

Tribute project

Image of my project in a freecodecamp course

This is a project I did when I took a course in front-end development at freecodecamp. The project was create a tribute page for a famous person. I chose George Carlin because I have watched all his work and sadly he is no longer with us. He inspired me to be myself and to think for myself. I created the page in github using HTML and CSS.

Vikima project

Image of my project with the artist Vikima

I came in contact with this dude who said he was an music artist. This was back when I smoked cigarettes and he asked me for a cigarette. I said, sure. We sat down and he asked me my name. I said, my name is Alexander what's yours? He said, Vikima. I don't know how we came into that he was an artist but I got his phone number, thinking maybe I could create a website for him. I did this without getting paid. I created the website with Wordpress and using HTML and CSS.

Vibro project

Image of my work at Vibro

This company I now have a problem with because they wouldn't give me a certificate for my work at their business. I got an internship and worked in a small team consistent of me as a front-end developer, a back-end developer and someone with experience with user-experience. We came up with ideas for a whole new design. We used Wordpress as platform and used HTML, CSS and some PHP.

Resirqel project

Image of my work with Resirqel

I worked at resirqel as an intern. They have a really interesting business model. They sell reusable building materials which they gather from overflowing materials in construction sites. They get money both for gathering the material and selling them. These are high-quality products which sometimes are completely new. Anyway, I started working for them as part-time website responsible and an assistant. I worked sometimes with gathering materials and stock work and sometimes with the website. We used Squarespace which was the first time I used Squarespace. I did use HTML and CSS.

Phonecases project

Image of my work with FriskBris

This was the first real work experience I got with creating websites. I was hired as a webdesigner. The boss is in my family and said he could probably have use for me in the starting phase of his new project. The concept is really cool. They create high-quality 3D phonecases. I saw the business rise up and getting deals with "Valencia", "Real Betis". They are situated in Madrid, Spain. Now they also have Barcelona on the team! Anyway, I started working for them as the person who knew webdesign, but I took orders from a person above me who had strong opinions on how the website should look. Still, I stood for the implementation and came up with ideas as well. We used Wordpress and I did use HTML and CSS.